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Arabian Airlines founded the GlobalOne Virtual Airline Alliance in 2006, making it the first original Virtual Airline Alliance of its kind. Since its creation, Virtual Airline Alliances have emerged throughout the flight simulation community. The "United Nations" of Airline Alliances, GlobalOne requires airlines to appoint representatives to help manage all the membership requirements and coordinate codeshares between partners.

GlobalOne staff at Arabian Airlines are hybrid Executive and Operations divisions, needing knowledge of both aspects to effectively represent the airline in GlobalOne™.


Represent Arabian Airlines to the GlobalOne Committees, Ensure Compliance with GlobalOne™ Requirements

GlobalOne™ Representative

Virtual Career Description:

The GlobalOne™ Virtual Airline Alliance is one of the most important organizations that Arabian Airlines belongs to. Home to the airline's international partners, GlobalOne™ is among the most respected virtual airline alliances in the world.

The GlobalOne™ Representative for Arabian Airlines will be responsible for managing the airline's day to day interactions with the GlobalOne™ Alliance and all the partner airlines that belong to it. This includes managing entry and eligibility requirements, working with the Operations Department and the Executive Department to ensure compliance with all GlobalOne™ regulations, and attending GlobalOne™ meets and events. The GlobalOne™ Representative for Arabian Airlines is the Alliance's primary point of contact with the airline.

Minimum Skills:

  • Professional Demeanor
  • VATSIM Membership & Familiarity
  • FSX/P3D Experience
  • 18 Years Of Age or Older
  • Real World Business/Office Experience
  • 4+ Hours Per Week Minimum Requirement
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Sensitive to International Customs